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Alexander SchubertAlexander Schubert
Brad LubmanBrad Lubman
Brigitta MuntendorfBrigitta Muntendorf
Christian JaksjøChristian Jaksjø
Cocoon DanceCocoonDance
Ensemble ModernEnsemble Modern
Friederike BrendlerFriederike Brendler
George BenjaminGeorge Benjamin
Gil Monteagudo RuizGil Monteagudo Ruiz
Hendrika EntzianHendrika Entzian
Hermann Kretzschmarhermann Kretzschmar
IEMA Ensemble 2023/24IEMA-Ensemble 2023/24
Jeaduk KimJeaduk Kim
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Lawrence PowerLawrence Power
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Matthias RiekerMatthias Rieker
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Michael HopeMichael Hope
Niels KleinNiels Klein
Norbert OmmerNorbert Ommer
Po-Chien LiuPo-Chien Liu
Polina KorobkovaPolina Korobkova
Rafaele GiovanolaRafaële Giovanola
Rebecca SaundersRebecca Saunders
Ryoji IkedaRyōji Ikeda
Sofia GubaidulinaSofia Gubaidulina
Stefan AsburyStefan Asbury
Sunghyun LeeSunghyun Lee
Sylvain CambrelingSylvain Cambreling
Tania LeónTania León
Yann RobinYann Robin
Yannik MayaudYannick Mayaud
Yasuhiro ChidaYasuhiro Chida
Żaneta RydzewskaŻaneta Rydzewska
Cocoon Dance


CocoonDance und Ensemble Modern © Claus Langer
cresc... Fadenspiele


CocoonDance was founded in 2000 by the choreographer Rafaële Giovanola and the dramaturge Rainald Endraß, on the occasion of an invitation to the festival OFF in Avignon. Approximately forty evening-length productions have been created by CocoonDance since 2000, have been invited to guest performances on five continents and won multiple awards. In 2018 and 2020, CocoonDance was invited to TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND, Germany’s most important biennial for contemporary dance.

The motor of CocoonDance’s artistic development is its improvisation and ensemble work. Collective decision-making processes and very continuous team work lay the foundations for the aesthetic density of their works. In its works, the Bonn-based dance ensemble keeps disrupting and extending conventional stage experiences – not only in terms of space.

Employing the »unthought body« as a figure of thought, since 2016 CocoonDance has been exploring disciplines and movement techniques which are often foreign to dance. In this manner, traditional body images are deconstructed and merged within totally new physical concepts. The artificial bodies created in this manner enable the protagonists to question narratives of body and gender. This leads to »experiments regarding the perception of the body, the other and the self« which do not follow a specific dramaturgy, except that of the body itself. Bodies transformed into foreign elements and motions which move not only the dancers’ bodies, but also those of the viewers.