Give us a poem - ICCS young_professionals

Kitty Xiao: In flesh II (2021/22), UA
Omer Barash: Te’ena (2021/22), German Premiere
Piotr Peszat: Gewalt der Musik (2021/22), UA
Katherine Balch: waste knot (2021/22), UA
Philipp Krebs: Paramount (2021/22), UA

Ensemble Modern, Nina Guo (Sopran), Sara Caneva (Dirigentin), Angus Lee (Dirigent), Felix Dreher (Klangregie), Lea Felizitas Helm und Lea Luka Sikau (Mediendramaturgie), Lucia Ronchetti (Coach Komposition), Stefan Asbury (Coach Dirigat),

Frankfurt LAB

»Give us a poem!« This appeal which students addressed to Muhammad Ali in 1975 is here taken up by five young composers from five different countries. Together with Ensemble Modern, composer Lucia Ronchetti and conductor Stefan Asbury as well as two young conductors, they have conceived and developed their new works in joint working sessions and will present them on this evening. Here, poems and literary texts become the basis of new analogue and electronic compositions. Dictaphones become performers; electronics, samples and ensemble sounds are assembled in montage; pre-composed field recordings are taken apart and reassembled. In addition to the music, a collage-like short film offers the audience multi-faceted insights into the artistic research processes of the compositions.


cresc... is funded by Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain.

World premieres as part of ICCS (International Composer & Conductor Seminars) young_professionals by Ensemble Modern and International Ensemble Modern Academy supporting young composers and conductors.

ICCS are funded by Aventis Foundation.


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