Opening Night - Earth Dances

Harrison Birtwistle: Earth Dances for Orchestra (1985–86/2001)

Ensemble Modern, hr-Sinfonieorchester, Stefan Asbury (Dirigent)

Starting at 18.00

freitagsküche: MeWe_Eine kulinarische Verwerfung

Entrance in small groups every 5 minutes (limited capacity, no reservation required)


Starting at 18.00

Harrison Birtwistle: Earth Dances – Eine begehbare Klang- und Lichtinstallation (2021–23), UA

Entrance times: 18.00, 20.15 und 21.00 (limited capacity, reservation required)

Norbert Ommer (Klangregie), Klaus Grünberg (Licht und Raum)

hr-Sendesaal Frankfurt, hr-Goldhalle, hr-Fernsehstudio 1

Here the powers of nature are transformed into a physical experience. The large-scale orchestral work ›Earth Dances‹ by the British composer Sir Harrison Birtwistle is one of the most impressive pieces of music of the late 20th century. Birtwistle lends a powerful voice to the living interior, the gigantic fields of energy and forces of our planet, but also its fragility. On this evening, the audience experiences both the live performance and a newly-developed immersive allowing listeners to move freely among a sound and light space incorporating instrumental sounds, groups and orchestral sound masses, resulting in a highly individual encounter with the works. Frankfurt’s art-and-cuisine institution freitagsküche has designed a spatial sculpture for this unusual opening night. A walk-in, edible culinary »warp« in which guests pass artistically designed stations, having and collecting sensory experiences of taste. At the end of this parcours, multiple individual parts amount to an edible composition.

cresc... is funded by Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain. With kind support of Ensemble Modern Patronatsgesellschaft e.V.


30,- € | reduced 16,- €

Available within 3er-Wahlabo with 25% discount.

Tickets for the opening night are valid for the orchestral work Earth Dances as well as the sound and light installation and the freitagsküche. Unfortunately, all time slots for the sound and light installation are already reserved. However, due to cancellations spaces may open up. Please ask our staff on the evening if capacities have opened up. Waiting times may apply.

The freitagsküche does not require a reservation.

The concert online

Video live stream on February 17th, 2023 at