cresc...ME WE


During a conversation between the boxer and human rights activist Muhammad Ali and a group of Harvard students in 1975, a student suddenly called out: »Give us a poem!« (Not a coincidence, as Ali was famous for his spontaneous and pointedly political poetry even then.) Never batting an eyelash, Muhammad Ali answered: »ME WE«. One of the shortest poems ever had been born: four letters packing a supreme semantic punch.

For the 2022 edition of the festival cresc..., Ensemble Modern, the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, the hr Bigband, the IEMA Ensemble, the Schallfeld Ensemble and freitagsküche jointly devote themselves to the highly topical socio-political thematic field opened up by ME WE.

In strongly polarized western societies, in which the differences between individuals (ME) are increasingly felt to be threatening and more and more people retreat to small »bubbles«, encounters transforming individuals into groups or even communities (WE) are of decisive importance. The possibility of stepping out of one’s »bubble«, of creating a WE out of MEs, feeds the arts, and that is the subject of cresc... 2022.