YRD.Works consists of Yacin Boudalfa, Ruben Fischer and David Bausch. The three artists have known each other since their youth, studied at the Design Academy in Offenbach and have collaborated on artistic projects for many years. In their work, they are particularly interested in temporary spaces and their social functions. YRD.Works explores the interface of space, sculpture and action, creating short-term places of encounter. The artists consider their architectural interventions not devoid of the viewers, but integrate them actively into the space. Their methods are not limited to a specific medium, but rises to the challenge of developing new practices for each project.

YRD.Works is currently based in Offenbach am Main. There, in addition to other projects, it runs the Kressmann-Halle, an exhibition space for contemporary art supported by the City of Offenbach.
During recent years, YRD.Works entered into a cooperation with the artist residence Mousonturm in Frankfurt, a collaboration supported by the Doppelpass programme of the Federal Cultural Foundation. This collaboration with the theatre led to large-format projects such as the Offenbach Opera or the First Offenbach Lake Festival. The artist collective won the Arts Award of the City of Nordhorn in 2018. As part of the individual show Doubles at the Municipal Gallery Nordhorn in 2019, YRD.Works’ artist book WORKS 2016-2019 was also published.