Samy Deluxe

The rapper Samy Deluxe was born as Samy Sorge in Hamburg in 1977, the son of a Sudanese father and a German mother. When he was two years old, his father left the family. Early on, Samy wrote his first rap texts about his life without a father, between two cultures, as a dark-skinned boy from a modest background living in the upscale Eppendorf neighbourhood of Hamburg. These were soon followed by expressive performances, freestyles and impressive battle raps. In the mid-1990s he founded the formation Dynamite Deluxe together with DJ Dynamite and Tropf.

Their debut album, which was released on Jan Delay’s legendary label Eimsbush Entertainment, took them straight to a fourth place in the German charts. Three solo albums and collaborations followed, for example with ASD and Absolute Beginners. Samy Deluxe and his label Deluxe Records have won multiple awards in the meantime. Since 2013, his association DeluxeKidz e.V. has helped children and teenagers find access to education, linguistic and artistic culture through music.