Pablo Garretón

Pablo Garretón is a Chilean composer based in Cologne. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in composition and a Master of Arts from the Catholic University of Chile, where he studied with Cristian Morales. He also studied for a Master of Electronic Music with Michael Beil and received a concert performance degree from the Cologne Academy of Music and Dance. Pablo Garretón focuses his works on instrumental and electroacoustic music as well as installations, multimedia performance and analogue synthesizers. His interest in critical perspectives of new technologies have originated pieces likes his transmedia video installation ›Re-cognize me 2.0‹, which works with a face recognition system working with dance and live video. He has participated as a composer and performer with live electronics in solo pieces and also in collaboration with other artists in interdisciplinary explorations. Since 2010 he is also part of the Ensemble Taller Ciclo, with which he has developed various musical works related to electroacoustic music and improvisation. His works have been played in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Finland, France and Germany where his concerts with Musik Fabrik, Ensemble Garage and Electronic ID stand out. He has received scholarships from the Goethe Institute and the Festival for New Music Theater Munich to work in two art residencies in Buenos Aires and Lima. In 2017 he participated in a three-month multidisciplinary art residency in Berlin, the Drittes Territorium project, working with sounds of the city’s abandoned places. In 2017 Pablo Garretón was awarded a two-year scholarship of the Chilean Ministry of Culture and in 2018 received a prize at the Acht Brücken Festival’s International Composition Competition. During 2019 he participated in a residency program in Paris at the Cité International des Arts with a six months scholarship from Nord-Rhein Westfalen Ministry of Culture and Science; during this time he also participated in electronic music workshops at IRCAM. In 2021 Pablo Garretón joined the board of the Cologne Society for New Music (kgnm). He is also a fellow of the master’s degree course of the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) in 2021/22.