Lea Luka Sikau

Mezzo-Soprano and Scholar Lea Luka Sikau (she/her) explores new music theatre in different dimensions. Awarded with the Bavarian Cultural Prize and the Richard Wagner Scholarship, she conceptualizes and performs experimental music theatre while simultaneously investigating it from an academic lens. She pursues a PhD on Posthuman Opera and its Rehearsal Processes at Cambridge University. Moreover, Sikau has worked with some of the most sought-after visionaries such as Marina Abramovic, Romeo Castellucci, and Rimini Protokoll. Currently, she studies singing with Prof. Marie Vassiliou in London. Moreover, she holds a B.A. degree in Media and Cultural Sciences from the Heinrich Heine University as well as a M.A. in Cultural and Music Management from the University of Music Munich. During the course of her postgraduate studies, Sikau was awarded a Fellowship for the prestigious Mellon School for Theatre and Performance Research at Harvard University where she stayed to write her master’s dissertation. Besides, she worked for the German Bundestag, the German Embassy in London, and the music incubator National Sawdust in New York City.