Kitty Xiao

Kitty Xiao is an Australian composer, electronic musician and pianist. Central to her aesthetic is a search for unity in contemporary culture, the human psyche, art and machine. Her music straddles the world of concert music and performing as an electronic artist of experimental noise and techno. It involves electro-acoustic and acoustic compositions as well as live modular sets which explore the relationship between sound and physical embodiment, the space it occupies, its tactility and intensity. Her music is represented by the Australian Music Centre and she is the recipient of the 2020 Belle S. Gitelman Award, the 2019 Howard Hanson Large Ensemble Prize and an Alfred Kitchin Scholarship. Kitty Xiao is the founder, composer and pianist of the Nimbus Trio. In 2017 Kitty Xiao formed the Six Piano Collective and today is artistic director of the ›Six Piano Project‹. Selected performances include: Sarasota Orchestra, Switch~ Ensemble, OSSIA New Music, Transient Canvas, Panoramic Voices, Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra, Frequency Shift, Modular World, Elysium Dance, Brighton Fashion Week, Arts Centre Melbourne’s 5x5x5, Australian National Academy of Music, Melbourne Composer’s League, Plexus, Clan Analogue. She was nominated for Best Original Score by the 2019 Olympus Film Festival in Los Angeles for her work on the short film ›Solus‹. Her works have been part of the Red Note New Music Festival, Image/Sound Festival, line upon line percussion, Winter Composer Festival, Ascension Arts Festival, Yarn/Wire Institute, Adelaide Fringe, Mapping Melbourne Festival, Tilde New Music Festival. Kitty Xiao is or has been a resident composer at the 2021-2022 Château d’Orquevaux, 2021-2022 International Ensemble Modern Academy, 2021 Darmstadt Summer Course, 2021 SICPP at the New England Conservatory, 2020 line upon line percussion, 2020 Red Note New Music Festival, 2019 American Composer’s Orchestra Earshot programme and 2019 Yarn/Wire Institute.