Der Chor Frankfurt

Since ist foundation in 1990 by Wolfgang Barina, Der Chor Frankfurt is known for its unusual stagings with high qualitative ambitions. Its song-choices thereby range from Baroque and Classic over Jazz and Chansons up to modern Pop-Songs. For 32 years the choir stands for surprising mixes of sound and a genre-crossing repertoire: Der Chor works on the intersection of challenging singing and pleasure with music. Der Chor is organized as non-profit association and a member of Hessischer Sängerbund. The 25 singers are being lead since 20 years by the qualified choir director Michael Weber. Together they develop one big concert each year, in which songs are also interpreted choreographically and scenically. In recent years cooperation with partners other than choirs have grown increasingly important. For example, der Chor was singing and dancing at the opening event of the women’s football word cup and at the awarding ceremony of the Gernhardt-Preis. The most recent highlight of their work, next to the annual concerts, was the cooperation with Schauspiel Frankfurt in the staging of “Jedermann stirbt”. Now der Chor is exploring new territory in cooperation with Ensemble Modern and it will be exciting how the journey will continue.